On April 28th, 2015, Will Schmitt (trail name Jungle Jym) reached the Mexico and California border and began a 2,660 mile hike to Canada along the Pacific Crest Trail.

The goal of this site is to share the day to day unfolding of this new adventure and to offer ways to get involved in helping the hike along.

Check out the Trail Journal section for regular updates from the trail, complete with pictures, video, and a weekly musical offering.

Also, feel free to download and share the music album below, it is a compilation of songs either written or recorded by Will and is available as a free download.

To check out more of Will's music albums, visit his music site HERE.


About Will

A free spirit with a wild and loving heart, Will's passion for the outdoors was sparked and encouraged by his parents and grandparents at a young age.

He spent most of 2011 teaching at a wilderness therapy school in Vermont, Spent most of 2013 thru hiking the Appalachian Trail and in 2015 will attempt a thru hike of the PCT.

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